“Ileezu” The Ork Princess ($75)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This addage is held no truer than in the case of the tragic “Ileezu”. Beloved by her people and coveted by her tribal enemies, she was an orc princess of the highest order. Renowned throughout the land for her beauty and grace (as an Orc), her attempts to pacify her kin in relation to their destructive behavior brought upon the human realm proved to be fatal in “Ileezu’s case”. Having attempted to broker a deal between the most violent of Orc factions and the human stronghold of Heratu, she was betrayed by her human lover and captured by the Knights of the Realm. Before a rescue attempt could be orchestrated, the Knights of the Realm, drunk on wine and hop, beheaded the princess and initiated a practice of head shrinking that had long been outlawed in the kingdom. Due to the barbarous nature of their crimes, the knights were captured and turned over to the Orc tribes. It was thought that this act would satiate the intense blood lust that consumed the Orc tribes. But sadly, the sight of their beloved princess mounted on a spear, overgrown with vegetation, was too much for the Orc tribes to bear. This alone, attributed to the Terelium Massacre, which further drove the land into horrific war and turmoil for the next several decades


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