Animation (Coming Soon)


The story begins with two untended, misshapen carrots obtaining sentience and dealing with the realization of what they are and where to go from this stage in their carrot lives. The main antagonist is the inescapable truth of their lives as carrots. Dealing with depression, doubt, anger and bitterness, the two carrot siblings attempt to reconcile their existence and their place as intelligent vegetables in the universe. Along the journey, Remy and Ester, the self-proclaimed names for our protagonists, discover minute clues as to the origins of their newfound intelligence and their purposes in the vegetable patch. Time is running out, however, as winter approaches. Ester’s troop of friends begins to dry up as winter solstice takes effect and the earth hardens into a cold, unforgiving wasteland of dirt and winter cover crops. Witnessing the distress of his sister Ester, Remy attempts several blunderous actions to escape the confines of the garden. Ester is forced to cease her research into their impending winter dilemna in order to save her brother Remy from certain doom. These adventures inadvertantly present Ester with new information and clues as to the pair’s true origin.


Monsters have long been the iconic representation of nature’s destructive fury and man’s fear of the unknown. What happens when one of these metaphorical monsters becomes self-aware of it’s actions on the world around it? Can the perception created by these destructive actions be changed? Will the billions of carbon-based trogladites lifeforms that infest the planet recognize their own part in this destructive process?

Lots of questions,

Lots of monsters (both intelligent and “traditional”)

A Godzilla-like kaiju monster, with genius -level, intellect, an appetite for radiation (note: possible place holder for another reactive substance…ie: CO2, gold, etc):

Illustration notes: Lab coat, white in color or contrasting color of main character (MC), MC is asphalt black or dark blue in color with flourescent undertones of radiative blue or green. Picture a Funko-pop Godzilla (Godzilla 1960’s cartoonist version) with Simpson-like overtones for facial development and expression.