December 17th 2018

Please be better than the first one…

The new trailer for “Godzilla, King of the Monsters”  debuting in May 2019, was released online thru the official Twitter account Godzilla: King of the Monsters”. There are various opinions as to the shake-out of characters, specifically monster characters, in the new American-adaptation to the King of the Monsters.

Understandably, the franchise needs to put its best foot forward in tempting audiences to the theatres, but there exists the frightening scenario that Universal has bit off too much for them to chew. Managing three to four Toho branded kaiju characters could place the studio in jeopardy of tarnishing the new Godzilla franchise with monster overload.

King Ghidorah (KG), the three-headed alien serpent, known throughout the monsterverse as the arch nemesis of Godzilla, makes it’s Hollywood debut as the main antagonist. Rumor is that Toho signed onto the studio’s use of the character under specific stipulations on King Ghidorah’s origin story. For those G-Fans familiar with the three-headed hydra’s Toho origin, this idea is itself confusing. KG has multiple background stories prefaced by such films as the 1960’s “Monster Zero” flick and the more recent Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah in 1991.

With director Michael Dougherty at the helm, fans of the monster genre can expect several bread crumbs to be left by the writers in the hopes of successfully merging the Kong and Godzilla multi-verses. Kong,  is thought by many to have outshined the G-Man in box office sales and plot development for future motion pictures. Kongs screen time nearly doubles that of the radioactive serpentine and the use of CGI was better implemented in Kong: Skull Island. Take another look at the 2016 Godzilla. The audience FINALLY gets a full scale look at Godzilla but often under poorly lit environments that does not allow the audience to appreciate the amazing concept design that is the new Godzilla.

I think Hollywood is going to do what they usually do with the Godzilla movie formula, muck it up with now-trending Hollywood A-lists and an over-abundance of CGI rather than make better use of story arcs and plot development. A significant portion of the Godzilla loving population do not wish to see a “Godzilla:All Monsters Attack” scenario. It would be too much in too little time.

No such thing as a stupid question...